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Dubai Keynes Society
Dubai Keynes Society

The Dubai Keynes Society (DKS) is Dubai College's economics society and has been running for well over five years. The Society holds weekly meetings on Tuesday lunchtimes where talks on economics and related subjects are given by both students and those from the wider DC community. The Society also holds debates, fora, and question-and-answer sessions. The DKS also releases an economics-related newsletter each term, made up of articles written by member.

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Vedant Y11

The recent COVID outbreak has resulted in hoarding and bulk buying of certain protective critical goods such as Sanitizer and Facemasks, creating artificial shortages. Not only is it highly inequitable, that the status quo permits wealthier individuals to purchase the above in large quantities, pushing up prices almost 3 fold and leaving little supply and chance for protection for those on a low income, but the unequal distribution of these goods within the population actually increases the risk of contraction and poses a serious threat from a community health perspective.

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Deserted Road
Mikail Y7

Life is as mundane and tedious as cutting all the grass on a football pitch with a pair of scissors. I have not been out of the house for 29 days. The COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly. From everyone being shocked at 4 cases in a day, there were 240 cases day before yesterday, and 241 yesterday. From my window, I have a clear view of a main road. It is almost deserted. It takes over five minutes of waiting to see a lone car pass by. Late last night, a lockdown was announced. The word was one we never wanted to hear.

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