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Abhay, Shrish and Tara (2nd)

The year is 2050: I get out of bed and open my windows only to find a dying blue sky pleading for help. I turn my gaze to the garden where I see trees gasping for a breath of fresh air; an unnerving silence from the birds is soon broken by the deafening sound of churning machinery.
This will be the future of our planet if we progress at the current rate. The youth’s decisions and actions are what will determine the extent to which we can safeguard our planet for the forthcoming generation. It is up to us to stop this deterioration, to stop our planet from fading too early…

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Aakriti Y12 (Engineering: Most Visual Submission runner up)

The purpose of this simple, contemporary wearable that is used by campers or hikers. It will ensure safety and allow the
client to monitor and keep track of a plethora of different crucial body factors.
Target market
My main target audience are people who thoroughly enjoy camping, leaving developed areas to spend more time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. My target audience would like to monitor, track and remain safe while doing so. My client is a family friend who has always cherished camping, day-tripping and short term recreational activities and loved spending endless amounts of time in the wilderness.

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Maryam Y12 (Highly Commended)

The last seven years have been the warmest in human history, with 2016 and 2020 being the warmest years on record (NASA, n.d.). From the Rio Earth Summit to the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement, something seems to be hindering attempts at progress on global warming. It is clear that the issue is in need of political reform. As world politics is built upon nation states as political entities, this essay will argue that the nation state itself is counterproductive to making progress on this issue. Through examining the various UN climate change conferences, I will first discuss the rising trend in regionalism, what this means for nation states and the need more specifically for supranational institutions such as the EU. Then I will touch upon the role of the nation state in propagating the problematic ‘developed’ vs ‘developing’ dialogue that has polarised the many nations of the world on the issue of global warming. Finally, I will be examining the emergence of non-state actors, primarily non-governmental organisations, and what this reflects about the nation state as a political artefact.

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