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Lower School Careers Programme

Lower School Careers

A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.

-           Oliver Wendell Holmes, JR.


It is never too early to embark on your career discovery journey. With this in mind, we are further expanding our career provision for Lower School students. Our goal is to offer a wide range of opportunities throughout Key Stage 3, enabling students to explore careers they may not have considered and introducing them to unfamiliar as well as more familiar paths.

Year 7

We have introduced our first "What's my job?" event for students. During this event, several volunteers visit the school and interact with different groups of Year 7 students. The students have the chance to ask questions and guess the volunteers' professions. Subsequently, the volunteers give a presentation to the entire year group. We believe that providing our students with opportunities to explore various careers before making decisions is essential. This event allows them to broaden their horizons and discover the many exciting possibilities available. We are always immensely grateful to our wonderful volunteers, as this experience and many of our careers experiences, would not be possible without them. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in the Environment Week QR Code Challenge, where they can explore green careers. They will also attend careers-related RPEP (Rolling Positive Education Programme) sessions on self-discovery, goal-setting, and employability skills.

Year 8

We are reintroducing our "Take your child to work day" specifically for students in Year 8. This day is designed to help students explore the workforce and gain insight into the diverse roles involved in running a business or completing a project. Spending the day with their parents can inspire them to develop an interest in engineering, accounting, art, or other fields. Students are naturally observant and curious, and exposing them to the working world allows them to explore different careers and develop valuable skills. It empowers them to set goals and create a path toward their dream careers. Year 8 students will also have access to employability skills sessions during lunchtime, as well as careers-related sessions on strengths, goal-setting, employability skills, and engaging in a Desert Island debate.

Year 9

We are introducing our TopUp program from the Sixth Form to our Year 9 students. This program offers sessions that go beyond the curriculum, covering subjects such as Psychology, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Economics, and more. Students will have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers and alumni who will share their career journeys, and they will also participate in workshops to aid in career discovery. Year 9 students will have access to employability skills sessions during lunchtime, complete the Fast Tomato Morrisby quiz for career exploration, and engage in careers-related sessions on strengths, goal-setting, employability skills, employment pathways, and employment rights and responsibilities.

These initiatives lay the foundation for continued career exploration throughout Key Stage 4 and beyond.