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Year 7 and Year 8 Awards and Leavers Assembly

The end of year awards and leavers ceremony for Year 7 and 8 celebrated the DC students’ achievements over the past year. The awards included academic and sporting achievements which were rewarded with house points and the Lower School Colours Award.

The Lower School Colours award consists of eight sections, each with 4 tasks. Students were awarded half colours awards for completing 16 tasks, with the full 32 tasks often taking more than a year to achieve. In addition, there is a reading challenge to read 10 books of different genres and then write a book review about each of them.

During the ceremony, 57 students were awarded half colours, 56 students completed their full colours and 39 students completed the full colours and reading award. A few dedicated Year 7s achieved the feat within their first year – congratulations to all of them!

It was also a time to say goodbye to some of our friends as they move away from DC. The leaving students were gifted a Dubai College teddy bear to keep as a memento. Hopefully, each of them will stay connected with their DC friends and cherish the memories of their time here.

As we break for the summer, here’s wishing everyone enchanting travels and fulfilling experiences with friends and family.

Amal, Year 7

  • Academic

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