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Year 13 Graduation 2022

Dubai College hosted its annual Year 13 Graduation Ceremony on Saturday 25th June, an event that simultaneously looked back with nostalgia over the seven years gone by and looked forward with anticipation to the years to come. Each Year 13 student has spent literally thousands of hours within our red brick walls, each one of those hours dedicated to the pursuit of passions and of friendships that we hope will shape them hereafter.  As part of the ceremony, each student enjoyed a few seconds of fame and a photo, a personalised citation, an individual piece of a puzzle bearing a photo of the year group and a commemorative DC teddy bear, all to mark the tremendous talents and tireless endeavour of our Class of 2022.

Year 13 Graduation 2022

Mariam opened the ceremony with an outstanding rendition of Musica Proibita by Gastaldon, followed by an introduction from our outgoing student leaders, Lily, Shrish, Emily and Jafar. They managed to evoke the maelstrom of emotions that accompanies the momentous occasion that is transitioning from schoolchildren to global citizens, from students to alumni. Also striking the perfect note were Cara and Chiara with further incredible musical performances, and Samuel, Vedant and Pritvik with their heartfelt speeches.  At the end of the ceremony, we were fortunate to hear from our guest speaker and Youtuber, Ania Kubow (class of 2006) who outlined the importance of adaptability in today’s working world, and Mr Lambert who evoked his speech to this year group at the beginning of his headmastership seven years ago. The FDC also organised generous gift bags for each student as well as the surprise of arranging ice cream vans as a denouement to proceedings.

FDC Y13 Gifts

Class of 2022, we thank you for your outstanding dedication, commitment and charisma brought to all areas of our school life and hope that you continue to nourish your connection to the DC community in the future. We look forward to hearing of your successes at the Past vs Present day in January and over the years and decades to come. Here is a poem written by our resident poet, Raja, to mark the occasion.

More photos can be found in our Flickr album

Fret Not, by Raja Yasaswini Sriramoju

They've dug out the field
And all that remains is dirt
Maybe they'll plant it all back
And everything will continue
As it always has and always will
Once we leave.

But fret not,
Because although it seems that all
That's left is the dirt we'll leave behind,
We'll live on in the walls and the chairs
And benches that have our names
Engraved in the wood of the school.

And our pictures will live on in the
Corridors for more than a decade
Before anyone takes it down
And in that time we will have done so much
And we shall have a lifetime of stories to tell.

So fret not,
For this is not the end
There's still a whole life left.

We shall live on then,
Under the tables and chairs,
In the corridor leading to the carrels,
And lastly, in the hearts of all those
Who we are leaving behind.

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