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Maths update - June 2022

Junior UKMT Mathematics Challenge

Dubai College received its biggest ever haul in this year’s Junior UKMT Mathematics Challenge. 61 of our students returned with a Gold certificate, 32 achieve a Silver certificate and 23 attained a Bronze certificate. A massive well done to all the students who competed for creating a bit of DC history! Here is the full list of all our 61 Gold medallists:

Junior UKMT Maths Challenge results

 On top of this, Kevin H, Edward L, Harihar R and Shizhen Z all qualified for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad for scoring in the top 1,200 students worldwide in the UKMT. A fantastic achievement, and we eagerly await the scores for the Olympiad round.

DC Mathematics Olympiad

This term saw the culmination of the Dubai College Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 Mathematics Olympiads. Students answered two rounds of individual online questions and the highest achievers were invited to a live Final round.


Well done to the following KS3 finalists: Mustafa A, Tianyue C, Zoe C, Aarav D, Vera D, Eshaal F, Humayl F, Kevin H, Raghav J, Yoonjae L, Vihaan M, Prakrit M, Aryav O, Sofia O, Harihar R and Abhinav S.  A special congratulations to Aritro C as our overall winner, Susannah L for 2nd place, and Shizhen Z for 3rd.

Maths Photos

Well done to the following KS4 finalists: Aleeza A, Vansh G, Kevin H, Rushabh J, Ayan S, Sabeen S, Satvik S, Iskander T and Maximilian W. A special congratulations to Mihir K as our overall winner, Fawaz S for 2nd place, and Emre O for 3rd.

Maths Photos

Well done to the following KS5 finalists: Shady A, Advay C, Vansh G, Kevin H, Rushabh J, Mihir K, Soumil M and Jacob Woollard. A special congratulations to Maharu G as our overall winner, Raghav A for 2nd place, and Sasha D-P for 3rd.


Satvik S in Y10 has been especially busy this term, independently entering the Cayley Mathematics Contest hosted by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computer at the University of Waterloo, achieving a great score in the process. Well done, Satvik!


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