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Emil and the Detective

It is no secret that over the last three years we have struggled to get a school performance to the finish line. The pandemic hit all forms of live theatre across the world hard. So, as restrictions eased and things returned to a new normal, I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to once again give students the chance to perform at Dubai College. It has certainly been a new challenge for me as a Director in the current climate, but I am pleased to say that with a lot of help and support we made it! We wanted to put on a show which had elements of fun, but also pushed the students in terms of their physical and stylistic abilities. This show was made for the students at Dubai College to celebrate live performance once again, to enjoy and to end the year on a high. We have been overjoyed by the response to our first live performance in three years. We can see young emerging talent in the cast, and we are all so grateful to see them flourish in the production.

Emil and the Detectives tells the tale of Emil, a young boy travelling alone by train to Berlin. Initially excited to be travelling on his own for the first time, he soon becomes suspicious of a fellow passenger who later robs him. Not to be outdone, Emil teams up with an unlikely band of children turned detectives and sets out to track the robber and get his money back, leading to a hair-raising chase across Berlin. 

If you didn’t manage to make it, don’t worry the next show is already in pre-production!  

Mrs Jemma Stilwell, Director of Drama

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