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Dubai College Community Spinning Classes

Staff Spin Classes

I am rather excited to report briefly on the ‘invitation to our wider community’ to enjoy and make use of the new Spin studio in our fantastic SPACE facility. In addition to the careful integration of ‘Spinning’ to our PE curriculum, via our newly trained team of Spin instructors, we have also managed to bring together a wide cross section of the DC community – on bikes!

At the end of the Easter vacation we attempted a holiday community spin class, in which several staff brought spouses/partners along with their children (ranging from Year 11 to Year 15) as well as some friends and family members who were on holiday at the time. All those present claimed they were looking forward to the next convivial workout and ‘catch-up’, which we hope will become at least a termly event.

Additionally, on Thursday 9th June we held the inaugural DC Alumni Spin class combined with a tour of the SPACE facility. Mr Gareth Case and I revelled in putting the Alumni through their paces whilst, Mrs Debra Turpie is to be thanked here for instigating the concept and coordinating a lovely spread of students who had left DC at some stage over the last 20 years. They also, are now looking forward to the next such event, which we also hope will become a more frequent event on the DC calendar.

Alumni Spin Class

Finally, over the last few weeks we have had a tremendously busy and enthusiastic turnout from DC parents at the morning ‘drop-off’ Spin class. As the instructor of this group, I have been thrilled with the opportunity to invite our parents into the studio for a lively morning workout and some light-hearted banter. Judging by their response, this class will definitely be running again throughout the next academic year.


Parent Spin Class

As I mentioned earlier, my excitement in writing this brief report is largely due to the ‘opportunities’ which have arisen through the carefully considered evolution of the DC blueprint. Having been stalled a little due to Covid19, the plan to ‘physically’ enhance a DC community spirit through new ways of integrating Alumni, Parents, Teachers, Students, Friends and Family via the SPACE facilities, is now actually starting to come to fruition through, a number of events, with the Spin studio being one small part of the master plan.

I would like to mention that I would never have written this report had it not been for the driving forces and support offered by a wide number of people. To mention a few, Mr Andy Jones our Director of Sport and Mr Justin Walsh, Head of Sports Performance, for their combined foresight and logistical support, along with Mrs Debra Turpie, our Communications, Marketing and Alumni Relations Manager whom I would like to thank personally for her slick communication skills in helping to get these events off the ground, up and running.  

Mr Ian Jones, Teacher of DT and Spin Instructor

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