Dubai College 40th Anniversary

In 1977 Tim Charlton, the founder of Dubai College, was teaching in Choueifat, Sharjah. DESS had already been established to cater for the primary curriculum needs of the children of a growing expatriate population.

However the only option for secondary education was boarding school. Was a new secondary school in Dubai a viable alternative? Tim Charlton thought so. Resigning his post in Sharjah he returned to England, sold his house, bought a Land Rover and prepared for the overland return trip to Dubai.

One day in May 1978, after a short two month wait in a certain Creek side office, founder Tim Charlton, was handed a plan of Plot B141 signed by his Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Maktoum. The instructions were quite simple,

'Build us a school, here'.

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40th Anniversary Music Concert 'Carmina Burana'

40th Anniversary Grand Gala Ball

40th Anniversary Grand Gala Ball

40th Anniversary Production of Guys & Dolls

Founders Day 2018

40th Anniversary Founders Day 2018

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40th Anniversary Alumni School Tour

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FDC 40th Anniversary Afternoon Tea

FDC 40th Anniversary Afternoon Tea

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