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Students in all year groups have the opportunity to go on academic, creative, philanthropic and sports trips both locally and overseas. Here are just a few of our annual trips.

D of E Training Expedition

D of E Expedition Nov 2017

HPP Netball Trip

HPP Netball Tour

Sri Lanka Rugby Tour

Sri Lanka Rugby Tour
Economics Trip to Washington

On the 25th November, 17 students and 2 members of staff departed DC for the other DC, Washington - a first time trip destination for this school. The 15 hour flight covering 11,349 kilometres may put some off but not these intrepid fellows keen on experiencing the ‘Trumped up’ post-election atmosphere in the nation’s capital. The kilometre bashing didn’t stop there over the next seven days as the group walked the length and breadth of DC taking in Congress and the Capitol building, the World Bank, the Organisation of American States, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Georgetown University (where in situ DC alumnus Alesha Gulamhusein gave our students the benefit of her campus experience), the Pentagon, the National Archives, the piece de resistance, The White House (!), several Smithsonian museums, the Newseum, the Holocaust museum, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery (pause for breath) and we even found time to watch an NBA (basketball) and NHL (ice hockey) match!

Some have decided to commit to paper their highlights and below are a selection.


Perhaps the most impactful and inspiring part of our trip from my perspective would have to be the tour through congress with an actual congressman - even if he was a Republican! Sitting in the chairs of Congressman and hearing about the process of election and debate was a very educational and inspiring experience and the very building itself feels like a place of power and intellectual debate. In fact, just stepping into the room makes you realise how important this place is to American democracy and to top it all off we got to see some fantastic and exclusive views from inside the building. For such a young nation, there is indeed so much history engraved into every wall and window. A fantastic experience that indeed I think none of us will ever forget.


Perhaps the most extraordinary and fascinating experience in my opinion was visiting the World Bank, where a series of employees working in different facets of the Bank talked to us about their roles and explained not only the function of the Bank, but also demonstrated its importance on an international scale. We spent time analysing debt sustainability, attempting to understand the loan formula the Bank follows, as well as looking at the reasons the World Bank chooses to invest in certain projects that other banks may not. I personally found their mission truly inspiring, and their fundamental beliefs on society and our global community to be particularly prevalent in a world that does increasingly seem to be looking inwards- it was definitely worth the early wake up and long walk.


For me the highlight of the Washington trip would have to be the NBA game between the Washington Wizards and the San Antonio Spurs. Being inclined to like sports anyway, I was delighted to hear about the opportunity to watch an NBA game live and it surpassed even my highest expectations. It was sport like no other on the planet, as the atmosphere was throbbing with loud music and excitement from every corner of the Arena. It was also basketball as I hadn’t seen it before, with incredible displays of skill and ability from the players, not to mention constant hard work. In the end, I was disappointed to see the Wizards lose, but I was extremely happy for an opportunity to witness such an exciting event.

Space Camp Brussels

Space Camp Brussels

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World Challenge Cambodia

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