Sport plays a central role in the extra-curricular life of Dubai College and provides every student with the opportunity to develop to the very best of their physical ability. Every student is able to practice their sporting interests, which helps develop healthy, active lifestyles and social interaction.

Representative opportunities are available through our House programme and those who excel at a particular sporting activity are encouraged to represent the College in inter-school fixtures, organised by DASSA (Dubai Affiliated Sports School Association).

Dubai College has a thriving sports programme and league and cup fixtures are played throughout the week, with numerous tournaments scheduled on the weekends. The College also offers a wide range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs that students can opt to participate in to further their sporting experience.

Dubai College hosts a number of sports tournaments throughout the year and enjoys an enviable amount of sporting success in a wide variety of competitions throughout Dubai and the UAE. Additionally, there are overseas sports tours during the academic year, which will provide our students with new sporting opportunities and challenges.

We believe that regular participation in sporting activities instils passion, respect, integrity, resilience, teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship in our students.

Dubai College commitment to sporting excellence has been recognised by being awarded ‘UAE Sports School of the Year’ for 2015/16 , 2016/17 and 2017/2018 at the UAE Sports Teens Awards.

In order to ensure that both students and parents alike are able to keep abreast of the number of clubs and fixtures on offer throughout our busy sports schedule, we have a weekly Sports Bulletin that is sent out on our weekly communication to parents.

Specific information regarding fixtures, league fixtures, results and standings can be accessed by visiting our sports website or by clicking the link below.

Sports fixtures and calendar

Sports fixtures

Click the link below to view fixtures and calendar


UAE Netball Association


UAE Sports School of the Year’ for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/2018 at the UAE Sports Teens Awards.

DC7s Saturday 23rd November 2019


Please follow the link to check on fixtures, scheduling and live scores.

DC7s microsite

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Sports Offered

Athletics & Cross Country

Athletics takes part throughout term two with training sessions every lunchtime throughout the week. Competitions include team events such as the ‘Fab 5’, DASSA Aquathon and Cross Country Championships and individual competitions such as the DASSA Athletics Championships.

The College is very proud of its athletics traditions and has a long history of success in all of the major schools events in Dubai.

Training times:

Lunchtime: Sunday – Wednesday

Achievements 2018/19:

  • DASSA Aquathon – Division 1 Champions
  • DASSA Aquathon U14 Boys Champions
  • DASSA Aquathon U12 Girls Champions
  • DASSA Aquathon U18 Girls Champions
  • DASSA Athletics Overall Champions
  • DASSA Girls’ Athletics Champions
  • DASSA Boys’ Athletics Champions
  • U14 Boys DASSA Cross Country Champions
  • U19 Boys DASSA Cross Country Champions
  • U12 Girls DASSA Cross Country Champions
  • U14 Girls DASSA Cross Country Champions
  • U12 Boys DASSA X Country relay Champions
  • Fab 5 U12 Girls Athletics Champions
  • Fab 5 U14 Boys Athletics Champions
  • Fab 5 U16 Boys Athletics Champions
  • Fab 5 U16 Girls Athletics Champions
  • Fab 5 U19 Boys Athletics Champions
  • Fab 5 – Division 1 Overall Combined Champions


Basketball is a major team sport at DC, with every age group fielding an A and B team. Our Under 16 and 19 teams compete in the DASSA leagues in Term One, whilst our Under 12 and 14 teams compete in Term Three.

Training times:


Term One

Sunday – Girls U19

Monday – Boys U19

Tuesday – Girls U16

Wednesday – Girls U16

Term Three

Sunday – Boys U12

Monday – Girls U12

Tuesday – Boys U14

Wednesday – Girls U14

Achievements 2018/19:

  • U19A DASSA League Division 1 Champions
  • U19A DASSA League Division 1 Champions 


Cricket continues to develop  against a strong fixture list of domestic teams and frequent overseas schools.

The three main Cricket squads play from mid-October until the end of the Spring Term, whilst the Under 13 and 15s also play ‘Tapeball’ during the summer term.

DC has an enviable record against both local teams and schools that tour from overseas. The Under 19 team play in the annual U19 ARCH trophy that takes place in March, which attracts schools from the UK and South Africa.

Training times:


Sunday – Girls

Monday – Boys U13

Tuesday – Boys U15

Wednesday – Boys U19


Sunday – Boys U19

Monday – Boys U15

Tuesday – Boys U13

Wednesday – Boys U19

Achievements 2018/19:

  • U19 Kukri Cup winners
  • Arch Trophy Runners Up

Boys' & Girls' Football

Boys football is the most popular activity within the College and is played throughout all Year groups during the first term.

The College runs teams at U12, U13, U14, U16 and U19 for the DASSA Leagues in Term One and squads for the Cup competition in Term Two. Due to the tremendous interest in football we have elite level A and participation level B teams to provide students with the opportunity of competing at the level appropriate to them.

Training times:


Sunday – U16

Monday – U13 & 14

Tuesday – U19

Wednesday – U12

Match Days

Monday – U16

Tuesday – U13 & 14

Wednesday – U19

Thursday – U12

Girls’ football continues to grow in Dubai and teams compete in the DASSA 7 a-side league in term one at U12, U13, U14, U16 and U19 age categories. There will also be a new Cup competition beginning in January 2019.

Training times:


Sunday – U12, 13, 14 & 16

Tuesday – U19

Match Days

Monday – U16

Tuesday – U13 & 14

Wednesday – U19

Thursday – U12

Achievements 2018/19:


  • DASSA U14 Division 1 Winners
  • U14 DASSA 7s Champions
  • U14 DASSA Cup Winners
  • U19 BSAK 7s Champions


  • U13 DASSA Division 1 Winners
  • U13 DASSA 7s Champions


Netball is most popular sport amongst girls at Dubai College, with a wide variety of squads playing in the DASSA leagues. Due to its popularity, Netball is played by a multitude of teams within the Talent pathway, which has been created to nurture players’ talents. The High Performance Program is aiming to create a performance pyramid for player development across the 11-19 age groups, using every possible competition available to us.

Training begins in Term One for the DASSA leagues and tournaments run during Term Two, whilst the High Performance teams play on Wednesdays at 7he Sevens throughout the three terms in the Dubai Ladies Netball League.

Competitions entered throughout the year include The Emirates Airlines Dubai Netball 7s U19 Open, Dubai College 7s, International Dubai College Netball and Dubai Ladies Netball League.

Training times:

Term One:


Sunday – U13

Monday - HPP

Tuesday – U12

Wednesday – U14

Term Two:


Sunday – U12

Monday – U13

Tuesday – U12

Wednesday – U14

Afternoon (training or fixtures)

Sunday – U16

Monday – U19 / HPP

Tuesday – U12

Wednesday – U13 / 14

Achievements 2018/19:

  • U13 Youth 7s Winners
  • U13A DASSA League Winners
  • U16 BSAK 7s Champions
  • U16 DASSA Division 1 League Winners
  • U19 BSAK 7s Champions


Rounders continues to show strength and depth across all age groups within the College. In addition to enjoying top honours in the DASSA Leagues, the girls also have a high level of participation in all age categories.

Under 19 squads participate in Term One whilst our Under 13 and Under 15 squads play in Term Three.

Training times:


Sunday – U13 (Term Three)

Tuesday – U15 (Term Three)

Wednesday – U19 (Term One)

Achievements 2018/19:

  • Year 10 Latifa Tournament winners
  • DASSA U13A Division 1 Winners
  • DASSA U13B Division 2 Winners
  • DASSA U15B Division 2 Winners
  • DASSA U15A Division 1 Winners
  • DASSA U19A Division 1 Winners

Boys & Girls' Rugby

Boys' rugby continues to be a popular and very successful boys Sport at Dubai College, with teams gaining success at local, regional and national level.

Seven a side rugby is played in the Term One, which culminates in the Dubai College Rugby 7s tournament for younger age groups and an opportunity to play in The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby 7s tournament for the Under 19 1st VII.

Our fifteen a side teams enter the DASSA leagues during term two at Under 12, 13, 14, 16 & 19 level.

DC Rugby squads tour annually, with the Under 19s due to compete in the Singapore Cricket Club 7s in November 2019, whilst the Under 13s attend The National School 7s at Rosslyn Park, UK on an annual basis.

Training times:


Sunday – U12

Monday – U16 & 19

Tuesday – U13 & 14

Wednesday – U19

Achievements 2018/19:

  • U12 BSAK 7s Cup Winners
  • U12 DC 7s Cup Winners
  • U12 DC 10s Cup Winners
  • U12 DASSA 15 a side league winners
  • U13 DC 7s Cup Winners
  • U13 DASSA Friendly league winners
  • U16 DC 10s Cup Winners
  • U16 DASSA 15 a side league winners
  • U19 BSAK 7s Cup Winners
  • U19A Emirates Airline Dubai 7s Champions
  • U19B Emirates Airline Dubai 7s finalists
  • U19 DASSA 15 a side league winners

Girls' rugby

We are delighted to be running two versions of non-contact rugby for girls in 2019/20.

Under 13 & 15 squads will play ‘Rippa Rugby’ which is a new form of non-contact rugby union.

Our U19 squad will continue to play Touch Rugby.

Training times:

Sunday lunch – U13 & 15

Thursday afternoon – U19

Achievements 2018/19:

  • U15 DESC 7s Champions
  • U15 DC 10s Girls Touch Rugby Champions


The Dubai College swim team has an enviable winning tradition. Our undefeated ‘A’ squad competes in the first division of the DASSA Swim League and have been reigning DASSA Champions since its inception. Due to the popularity of the sport, we have also entered a ‘B’ team which currently compete in Division One.

We also compete in the annual BSME and MEUC competition, currently holding many records for these events. In recognition of these achievements, the Dubai College Swim Team was awarded Best Mixed Sports Team in the UAE for 2017 -18

Achievements 2018/19:

  • DASSA Championships Winners
  • DASSA Division 1 Champions


Tennis is the newest and fastest growing addition to the College’s extra-curricular sports programme.

Training takes place on Sunday and Tuesday lunchtime, along with a longer two hour session on Thursday afternoon.

Our squads participate in all DASSA tournaments and have enjoyed considerable success in a very short space of time.

Achievements 2018/19:

  • DASSA U12 Boys Singles Champions
  • DASSA U12 Girls Doubles Champions
  • DASSA U14 Boys Doubles Champions
  • DASSA U14 Girls Singles Champions
  • DASSA U14 Girls Singles Champions
  • DASSA U16 Girls Doubles Champions
  • DASSA Tennis U18 Girls Singles Champions

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