The House System

Barbarossa, Chichester, Cousteau and Heyerdahl
Dubai College operates a rich full House programme.


The House competition is one of the enduring traditions of Dubai College.  Every student that has passed through the school will have been a member of one of our four houses, which are all named after famous pioneers and explorers:

Sir Francis Chichester: Famous Sailor and Aviator, the first person to sail around the world single handed.

Thor Heyerdahl: He sailed 8,000 miles across the Pacific on a boat made out of reeds – proving that ancient civilisations could have travelled much further than previously thought.

Jacques Cousteau: War hero, undersea explorer and researcher - he invented the Aqualung, and became a pioneer of marine conservation.

Barbarossa: A pirate known as “Redbeard” who dominated the Mediterranean and eventually became the head of the Ottoman Navy in the 1500’s.

Being a member of one’s House, is one of the things that gives the school its sense of community spirit.  In many ways it helps to embody so many of the best elements of Dubai College life. 

From Football to Frisbee, Linguistics to Latin, Dancing to Dodgeball, and Basketball to Bridge-Building, everyone can take part in what is a marathon competition, covering over 70 events.

House allegiance means a lot to our students, and the competition is fierce and unrelenting, generating a sense of team spirit that crosses age barriers and tutor groups.  For Year 7 and 8 students there are more House events than ever before, including Geography, Netball, Swimming, Board games, Drama, Arabic and History quizzes, Recycling, Chess, Debating, Volleyball and Waterpolo! 

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