Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Dubai College helps students engage with their environment and interact with other societies through the highly successful Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

The award includes the completion of a service based activity, a skill component and the completion of a particular course of physical activity. In addition, a multi night qualifying adventurous journey is undertaken.

Dubai College firmly believes that a student should experience a rounded holistic education. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award scheme lies at the heart of the Dubai College experience. Students gain hard and soft skills that they might not have previously been exposed to such as navigation, cooking, camping, perseverance, independence, confidence, self-sufficiency, and an opportunity to experience something new.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award expeditions take place in diverse locations such as Fossil Rock, Sharjah and Wadi Ghail, Ras Al-Khaimah, and the Musandam in Oman.

Dubai College readily offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award at either Bronze, Silver or Gold. Students in Year 10 take the Bronze award, Year 11 the Silver and Years 12 and 13 the Gold award. Each award level is progressively more challenging and upon completion of each level they have the opportunity to progress to the next award.

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    Meet the Team

    Sheileen Turner

    Sheileen Turner

    Titles: Duke of Edinburgh International Award Coordinator - Gold Level, Teacher of French and Spanish
    Jeremy McIlveen

    Jeremy McIlveen

    Titles: Head of Digital Skills, Duke of Edinburgh International Award Coordinator - Silver Level, Teacher of Geography
    Rishi Verma

    Rishi Verma

    Titles: Duke of Edinburgh International Award Coordinator - Bronze Level, Teacher of Mathematics