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Applying from Overseas


We welcome applications from families planning a move to Dubai. There is no need to travel to Dubai in order to participate in our entrance process: assessments can be administered under examination conditions by the student’s current school and interviews where applicable will take place remotely via video conferencing. 

Application Closing Dates

Please note that the deadline for applications for each year group is the same for students at school in the United Arab Emirates and overseas: we do not hold any places vacant for late applications from families outside the United Arab Emirates.

Please refer to the Key dates page for the relevant year group.

English as a Second/Foreign Language

Please note that Dubai College does not teach English as a Second/Foreign Language: all students must be fluent in written and spoken English in order to access the curriculum and to be eligible to apply.

Year/Grade equivalence

Please contact the Registrar if you require any advice on Year/Grade equivalence if your child is not currently studying the UK curriculum.

Please note that in line with the KHDA Guidelines for Admissions and Transfers, high school students (Grades 9-12 or Years 10-13) must seek UAE Ministry of Education approval when transferring to schools with a different curriculum.