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Centre of Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Centre of Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Experts in Evidenced Informed Leadership - Building a research culture

Established in 2017, the Centre of Innovation in Learning and Teaching was built for students and staff to reflect on and evaluate their learning in a collaborative manner supported by evidence

.  Indeed Dubai College was among the first schools in the region to drive an evidence informed approach to learning, teaching and wellbeing.  We are a school which is always keen to examine our current educational provision and ask difficult questions of ourselves and our students: are we genuinely preparing our students for the world of tomorrow?  Are we in tune with the latest theories and debates within the wider world of education?  Could we make more use of the educational research to improve the educational experience for all our students?

Our pioneering stance on education provides a wider field of influence via our work with the Oxford Educational Deanery, Hughes Hall, Cambridge University and the Institute of Positive Education.  Staff and students have access to research mentors when completing their individual research projects and are well versed in how to be good researchers. Dubai College is also pro The benefits for both students and teachers in belonging to such a uniquely reflective and research informed school are incalculable to developing a learning community.


Research Enquiry and CPD

Dubai College is a national and international centre for educational thinking and debate. The school hosts an annual researchED conference, which focuses on innovation in education, addresses the leading educational issues of the day and has proved to be hugely successful, attracting hundreds of delegates from all over the world.  In April 2019 speakers presented on a range of topics: the psychology and science of learning, AI in education and our role as educators in developing human intelligence, using research to lead and professionally grow a learning community, Harkness, evidenced informed Edtech, positive education, teacher retention, innovative ways of using data in schools, comparative judgement, leading inclusion and what makes great teaching.  All of the learning over the course of the last three years is being embedded into classrooms to directly benefit students’ learning.

The College will continue to work across the region to promote intellectual debate and fly the flag for evidence-informed professional learning.  It will be one of four schools that forms the UAE’s first Research Schools Network, further consolidating the work we have already published with the University of Oxford’s Educational Deanery.

By constantly engaging with the outside world in such an extensive, open-minded and meaningful way, we hope to play an active and important role so that our own students will be the ultimate beneficiaries with a fresh and challenging education which prepares them for the world of tomorrow.