Lower School

At this level, the curriculum is designed to give students a broad exposure to a wide variety of subjects and to develop their learning skills. All students study the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • French or Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Islamic Studies (for Muslim students)
  • Music
  • PE
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Design and Technology
  • Computer Science

In Year 9, students will have the option to study Latin. In Year 9, all students start their GCSE study in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In addition, all students will undertake Personal, Social and Health Education in the form of Enrichment Days.

Lower School News

Y7 Barbecue photos

Y7 Barbecue 2019

Y7 Induction Day Photos

Y7 Induction Day 2019

Y7 Welcome Music Concert

Y7 Welcome Concert 2019

Y8 Space Camp Trip

Y8 Eurospace Trip to Brussels

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    Meet the Team

    Martin Woolley

    Martin Woolley

    Titles: Head of Lower School (Y9), Teacher of Biology
    Anne Romans

    Anne Romans

    Titles: Deputy Head of Lower School (Y8), Teacher of Biology
    Kate Greenlees

    Kate Greenlees

    Titles: Head of Year 7, Teacher of Computer Science
    Olga Kuznetsova

    Olga Kuznetsova

    Titles: Assistant Head of Lower School: Study Skills, Teacher of Mathematics
    Natalie Madison

    Natalie Madison

    Titles: Assistant Head of Lower School, Teacher of Drama
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