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Dubai College’s vision is to set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning. The College's distinctive tripartite approach ensures that the learning is driven by students, teachers and parents.

As part of our vision to be the best British School Overseas in the world, we are committed to developing future global leaders who see themselves as lifelong learners.

The DC Learner Profile embodies a holistic approach with thinking and wellbeing at its core. Students are encouraged to have a deeper understanding of how they think, allowing them to capitalise on problem-solving opportunities through creative and critical thinking. We believe that innovation evolves through curiosity and the willingness to take risks, and make connections across a wide array of disciplines.

At Dubai College, we believe that global thinkers who are resilient, positive and motivated will have a positive impact on the world. During their time here, students will draw on the transferable skills of critical and analytical thinking, as they are vital aspirational elements of 21st-century learning. We are consistently effective in securing excellent academic results for our students but also produce students, who can think independently, are confident because they have experienced a rich diet of educational opportunities.

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    Dee Saran

    Dee Saran

    Titles: Deputy Head - Learning & Teaching, Teacher of Geography
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