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Dubai College’s vision is to be leading British education overseas, underpinned by four pillars of sporting, creative, philanthropic and academic endeavour. When it comes to academic endeavour we aspire to set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning and we are committed to developing future global leaders who see themselves as lifelong learners.

As part of our vision to be leading British education overseas, the DC Learner Profile embodies a holistic approach with thinking and wellbeing at its core. Students are encouraged to have a deep understanding of how they think, allowing them to capitalise on problem-solving opportunities through creative and critical thinking. We believe that our students will learn to innovate if they have curiosity, a willingness to take risks and if they make connections across a wide range of disciplines.

At Dubai College, we believe that global leaders who are resilient and motivated thinkers will have a positive impact on the world.  As such, while we are consistently effective in helping our students to secure excellent examination results, we also want to produce students who can think critically, analytically and independently and we want them to acquire the confidence which comes from a rich diet of educational opportunities.

As a professional learning community we intend to nurture the following skills within our classrooms:

  • Creating opportunities to allow students to think critically and creatively.
  • Encouraging students to ask questions to deepen conceptual links.
  • Fostering analytical thinking through problem solving.
  • Making time to allow students to create something completely new and to go beyond the curriculum.
  • Explaining concepts well to enable students to realise how to use their skills with automaticity.
  • Using enquiry as a means to develop inquisitiveness through collaboration and independent thinking.
  • Creating a positive environment where students feel resilient enough to take risks in communicating their learning because teachers model that mistakes are a normal part of learning.
DC Learner Profile

To achieve these aims we aim to develop and nurture our teachers’ professional capacity in one of five main pedagogical areas:

  • The Science of Learning: Creating metacognitive awareness to enhance self-regulation and higher order thinking.
  • Oracy - Dialogic Learning: Creating an equitable classroom where students feel confident and challenged through Harkness.
  • Beyond the Curriculum: Creating opportunities for students to gain context to their learning and provide additional challenge.
  • Digital Pedagogies: Offering opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning through designing digital learning activities.
  • Optimising assessment: Ensuring assessments are strategically planned and their challenging success criteria are shared with students.

The pedagogies are driven through various professional learning opportunities but mainly through the Collaborative Learning Groups led by the Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs).  To ensure that we fulfil both our own strategic objectives as well as those of the UAE we have amalgamated the DC teacher standards, the KHDA inspection framework and the research from the Institute of Positive Education into a Grand Unified Theory.

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