The Classics Department is a small, relatively new department with one full-time teacher (Mr James Kimber) assisted by the Headmaster, Mr. Lambert and Mrs Sarah Lambert.  

Classics has a dedicated teaching room and an equally dedicated, select group of students. Latin started out as a lunchtime activity six years ago but now we have students from Year 9 to Year 13. Five Dubai College students have taken up places to read Classics at Oxford or Cambridge in recent years.

There is an annual Classics trip to Italy or Greece, two lunchtime Greek clubs, and last year we staged a production of the Greek tragedy Antigone. We find time outside of the timetable to support students who wish to study Classical Greek to GCSE and A Level.

The Classics Department tries to ignite a spark of curiosity in students who are new to Classics, and to kindle the flames of wonder and enthusiasm in our more experienced students. We read some of the greatest literature ever written and we try to make sense of the modern world through a window to the past.

What makes a good teacher at Dubai College?

In many ways the same that makes a good Dubai College student – take pride in what you do; respect yourself and others; be passionate; carpe diem.

What are you trying to encourage and instil in your students?

Curiosity; passion; a love of learning for its own sake; self-confidence; independence; critical thinking; the pursuit of excellence, truth and beauty; to make connections between the Classical world and the modern.

In your opinion, what makes Dubai College special?

It feels more like a community than a school. I have a strong sense that we are all (teachers, students, administration staff, parents, governors, maintenance staff, caretakers, bus drivers, gardeners…) on the same team working to achieve a shared objective.

Who or what inspires you?

A line of Virgil; Horace’s Odes; students who bring fire and intensity to their studies; the power of the human spirit in adversity; mountains; solitude.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you.

I was taught by Mary Beard (pretty much an A-list celebrity now!) at Cambridge. I taught Dubai College Headmaster, Mr Lambert, when he was 12! I have a New Zealand passport and a Mountain Leader qualification. I write comedy and once made tea for the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Mr J Kimber, Head of Classics

Meet the staff

Jim Kimber

Jim Kimber

Titles: Head of Classics
Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert

Titles: Headmaster, Teacher of Classics
Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert

Titles: Teacher of Classics, EPQ/HPQ teacher

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