We have five full time Chemistry teachers at Dubai College working in bespoke and modern laboratories (newly built in 2016) and supported by two lab technicians. Chemistry is popular at A level and supports the large number of applicants applying for medicine and engineering subjects at University level. Results at A level are impressive with over 65% of students gaining an A*/A at A level and 80% of students achieving a Grade 9 or 8 at GCSE. Our aim is to build on the foundations of Key Stage 3 Chemistry to develop chemists who can both understand and explain the world around them, but also work passionately towards a future within a science based career, whether that be within pure Chemistry, chemical engineering or medicine.

What makes a good teacher at Dubai College?

A good teacher at Dubai College has impressive subject knowledge that allows us not only to teach students of immense ability and potential, but also allows us to enrich the curriculum beyond the specification. A teacher at Dubai College inspires students to have a thirst for knowledge, to dedicate themselves to want to find out more for its own sake, rather than as a means to an end; developing a life-long curiosity for all intellectual pursuits.

What are you trying to encourage and instil in your students?

We understand that students need to develop an understanding of the most demanding concepts within chemistry, but we also believe that students should develop all the attributes needed for them to become responsible and adaptable students and workers in the future. For that reason we work at developing students’ collaborative skills, creativity, flexibility and their ability to take risks to drive understanding and progress.

In your opinion, what makes Dubai College special?

Dubai College has a strong sense of community where small classes allow staff and students to build very strong relationships that enhance student development and progress. The enrichment and extra-curricular programme at Dubai College is exceptional.

Richard McGrory, Head of Science/Teacher of Chemistry

Meet the staff

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Richard McGrory

Richard McGrory

Titles: Head of Science, Teacher of Chemistry
Sian Orchard

Sian Orchard

Titles: Head of Chemistry
Vanessa Holmes

Vanessa Holmes

Titles: KS3 Science Coordinator, Teacher of Chemistry