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Vision & Values

Vision and Values


By the gracious consent of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai from 1958 until 1990, Dubai College was formally constituted on 4th May 1978 to provide, within the Emirate of Dubai, a modern secondary education in the British style, to the highest academic standards for those families who are on short or long term contracts, and for those UAE children whose parents wish them to experience this kind of education.


Building on our founding mission, while recognising the responsibility we have for the future success of our students, the Senior Leadership Team, members of staff and the Board of Governors at Dubai College have an ambitious vision for the school in keeping with our 44 year heritage and growing global reputation:

To be leading British education overseas, underpinned by four pillars of sporting, creative, philanthropic and academic endeavour.

Our relationship with key stakeholders will be critical in fulfilling our vision for the school and is set out below:

  • Dubai College aspires to maximise our students’ potential both in the immediate and long-term future.
  • Dubai College aspires to involve parents fully and constructively in our students’ education.
  • Dubai College aspires to be an employer of choice for both teachers and support staff by investing in our people.
  • Dubai College aspires to be a centre of excellence and thought leadership accessible to the community of Dubai.
  • Dubai College aspires to engage fully and collaboratively with both our local and international regulators as well as the professional bodies to which we belong.
  • Dubai College aspires to offer alumni lifelong membership of our community of excellence and to support them in their future endeavours.
  • Dubai College aspires to offer the very best of British education in order to serve and support British universities, organisations and employers within a globalised context.

Dubai College Values Statement

Members of the Dubai College community are curious and open-minded individuals with a desire to learn and a cosmopolitan outlook. Parents, staff and students each recognise that commitment, hard work and resilience are the key qualities which have contributed to the school’s success over time and are the same qualities which our students will need in order for them to succeed. As members of a community we work together, we like to be consulted and we like to co-create our school in harmonious synergy. This means that we are each committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and we respect ourselves and one another. We recognise that our students are driven, the world is their oyster and Dubai College exists to help them realise their ambitions. We believe these are admirable qualities and explain much of the success of Dubai College. And yet, our drive and ambitions must always make room for kindness, compassion and empathy. We are committed to the broader wellbeing of every member of the Dubai College community and we must remember that we are but one part of a much bigger picture. When we do these things we create a nurturing academic community which is second to none. Dubai College really does have a great feel about it and we are committed to this, our own tradition of excellence in education.

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