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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Since its foundation in 1978 the mission of Dubai College has been to provide within the emirate of Dubai a modern secondary education in the British style to both expatriates and UAE citizens who wish to experience this type of education. For this reason, we are committed to celebrating diversity within our school community while respecting the values, ethics and traditions of our hosts.

Today some 70% of our graduates attend university in the UK and a further 25% head to the US, to which end we are committed to providing our students with a modern and comprehensive personal, social and health education curriculum which equips them for life in their university destinations.

The school now has a student focused Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group, known as the Belonging Society, which meets to discuss pertinent issues, provide feedback for their forms and help to plan  events for students, to celebrate the diverse religious festivals and national holidays of our community and to review the contents of our curriculum.

Our Parent and Alumni Diversity and Inclusion Working Party also brings together supportive advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion. The working party shares the inclusive educational goals of the College and provides advice and support to the Headmaster and the College community.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Impact Report 2022/23

Internationalising the Curriculum