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    Emirates Rugby 7s U19 Champions


    9/8/7/A*/A grades at GCSE

    International School of the Year


    94.4% 9/8/7/A*/A grades at GCSE


    Dubai College students achieved 94.4% of 9/8/7/A*/A grades in this year’s examinations.





    TopUP university programme


    28% of Dubai College leavers (36/126 students) now go on to study at the top 1% of universities in The Times Global Reputation Rankings which includes MIT, Harvard, Yale and Oxbridge. This has risen steadily over the past 5 years when on average only 8% used to attend. The reason behind the success (we believe) is the increasingly comprehensive TopUP (top university programme) we offer for all students which makes DC students the most successful at attending these universities throughout the UAE.




    I've been part of almost everything that Dubai College has to offer and I have loved every minute of it.  Ellie O'Keeffe, Head Girl 2017-2018 (5 A*s at A level)

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