The aims and influence of the English Department at Dubai College reach beyond the classroom and the nature of its work means that it is firmly at the heart of the school. Teachers aim to facilitate and guide the development of students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills – this is useful not just for examinations but also for life: developing the ability to write and speak accurately, persuasively and effectively, and promoting confidence in one's own judgments, in discussion and writing are life-long skills.

An understanding of how to read critically and discerningly as well as for enjoyment is also emphasised, with pupils encouraged to read a variety of literature – plays, novels, poetry and short stories - as well as enjoying opportunities to express their opinions, draw upon their own experiences and develop independent ideas.

In lessons, speaking and listening is practised in a variety of ways, such as small group work, role play and class discussion. Writing takes a wide variety of forms, including creative, analytical and imaginative responses to literary and non-fiction texts.

The Department is well resourced, with an excellent range of written and audio-visual resources which supplement the school’s library. The Department aims to add to pupils’ experiences and broaden their horizons, promoting a genuine enjoyment of academic study through the delivery of a challenging, rewarding and stimulating curriculum.

Course Outline for GCSE
All students in the school take both GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language. Both courses combine the traditional skills of comprehension, summary and writing to purpose, with a study of literature. The courses cover a range of texts, both traditional and modern and coursework is both written and oral.

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Course Outline for A Level
For A Level English Literature, coursework (40% at both AS and A2) provides opportunities for independent reading and research. AS level study is focused on narrative and on the tragic genre and at A2 level there is a free choice of texts read in the light of a range of critical theory, as well as study of the Pastoral genre.

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