The Dubai College Alumni Association traces its roots to 1989, when Bernie O'Connor and Ian Brooks - two teachers who were leaving the school that summer - invited that year's 40 Upper Sixth school leavers to meet up with them in London for a reunion on Saturday December 2nd (UAE National Day) at the Hard Rock Café.  The invitation was spread by word of mouth to other teachers and pupils who had been at Dubai College during its then decade-long existence, and come December 2nd 1989 the downstairs bar at London's Hard Rock Café was buzzing with talk of good times spent in Dubai and the novelty of adjusting to life without guaranteed sunshine every day.

The reunion was deemed such a success that it immediately became a fixture in the social calendar of year after year of Dubai College leavers.  In fact, there has been a Dubai College Alumni reunion in London every year since that first one in 1989.  The venue has varied over the years to fit the growing number of former DC staff and students coming to the event and the date has now been fixed as "the last Saturday in November" to make it easy for everyone to remember, but the friendly conviviality of the annual reunion in London, attended by all ages of Alumni and (increasingly) their families, has never waned.  Details of this year's London Reunion will be published on the Alumni News page.

In 1998, Bernie passed on the organisation of the London Reunion to a group of former pupils of the school and the Dubai College Alumni Association was born.  A constitution was drawn up proclaiming the Alumni association's membership to be free of cost and "open to all those who have attended Dubai College as students or those who worked there", irrespective of the number of years they spent at the school.

The Alumni association's main purposes are to:

Though independent of Dubai College, the DC Alumni Association has from its inception maintained close ties with the school and Friends of Dubai College.  As ever greater numbers of Dubai College alumni have returned to work in Dubai after completing their studies, Alumni groups have become increasingly active in College life, supporting the sporting calendar, the Sixth Form programme and careers advice. Alumni have also been integral to the success of the Journeys programme, giving sixth form students an insight into life after DC.

Support from staff at the school and the FDC has also helped the Dubai College Alumni organise several reunions and Alumni social events in Dubai in recent years, helping build and strengthen new and old friendships amongst the three decades of alumni who have worked and studied at the school.

If you are a former student or teacher of Dubai College and you would like to get actively involved in the organisation of Alumni events where you live, or you would like to form/join/sponsor an Alumni team to take part in local leagues and competitions in Dubai please contact us.